Clean Water is Here for Rancabungur Village, Bogor

April 12, 2017

In our very first project, The Spring had the wonderful opportunity to get connected to Rancabungur village, a small community that houses approximately 100 families, and one that was in desperate need of a new water source. Located on the outskirts of Jakarta, around 20 kilometres away from Bogor, this village’s main water source was a river that is 1-2 kilometres away. Everyday, the villagers – mostly women and girls- would haul buckets of water back home for their daily necessities: showering, cooking, washing and drinking. The trek is hard and dangerous, and the communal facilities that they do have in their village is buried deep in a crevice of mountain, slippery, steep and housing dirty water.


Looking at their desolate situation, we knew we couldn’t remain idle. After getting connected with the RW, they willingly accepted our help and informed us that there is a free plot of land by their local school. This land can be used to build a well and an infrastructure for communal washing. The main problem then was: How would we fund this building? All of what we wanted to offer would cost approximately RP-30,000,000, while we had approximately nothing. And so the fundraising journey began.


Through sharing videos, broadcasting our mission, speaking at IES church, selling bracelets and albums and raising awareness of what we are doing, we were able to raise RP20,000,000 in the first few months (later we found out that IES will take care of the other 10million rupiah). Whilst doing this, the building started in Rancabungur village, and we would get daily updates by a woman living there, the principle of the school we were building by, Ibu Yakolina. The drilling started on 26th of February 2017, and 13 meters deep they were able to find clean, clear water. With this good news, the construction workers continued to drill until 40meters, and connected it with a jet pump system that helped to bring the water to the surface. After a few weeks of work, the drilling, infrastructure and pathway to this communal well were finished, and so The Spring’s first project was completed.


This experience was a very long process for everyone who had helped, but was still a rewarding one nonetheless. Many people and organisations were involved in the making of this well, and it had only been possible by the generous hearts of the donors. As of 12th April 2017, this public well has opened and is being used by the people of Rancabungur village. We hope this is the first to many other successes.


We were featured on the news: 



Writer: Grace Chandra

Editor: Julia Batanghari (student)

Photographer: Christopher Pramana


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