Hey there, my name's Chris. As a boy who loved playing cards, I stumbled upon a card deck called The Charity: Water Deck where I quickly learned about the dirty water crisis. Only knowing about it then, I was called to action as I realized that many others like me do not know that dirty, undrinkable water is a easily solvable problem that has devastating impacts – killing millions. I along with my colleagues, dream of a world where water is no longer a threat.



My name is Nathania Berniece Zhong, however, people call me Nata. I was born in Jakarta and my most significant memory of my childhood was in Belitung. I chose a water project because it seems that out of Indonesia’s many issues regarding Poverty, Pollution, Education, and as most already know the list goes on, Water isn’t one I come across as much even though it is as big as the few issues mentioned. I chose this because if there are already many organizations for Pollution, Education and Poverty then what difference will another organization of the same cause do? Instead, we decided that it was best to find a cause with not many organizations backing it up, especially in Indonesia. That cause is water

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Yayasan Perjuangan Anak Bangsa

Inspired by: Charity: Water